Unitex Knitwear Ltd. has an in-house design team that is continuously involved in analyzing the latest trends in the apparels industry. This effort culminates in the development of product collections twice a year to showcase our capabilities to potential and existing clients. Our design team has extensive knowledge of the different fabrics and finishing technologies and is able to work directly with customers to suggest innovative and cost-effective solutions to various design challenges.
Unitex Knitwear Ltd. also provides a comprehensive product development lab where our customers can work side by side with our design team to experiment and develop samples. This reduces the cost and time required for product development.
Unitex Knitwear Ltd. follows best manufacturing practices and our highly skilled and experienced Industrial Engineering and Quality Assurance teams ensure that we are able to deliver quality products on a consistent basis. We take pride in offering safe, friendly and comfortable work environments for our employees - all of our facilities exceed the compliance requirements of some of the top retailers of the world.
Using manpower and machine capabilities we produce all most 67,500 dzn (Basic Items) of product per month. Our factory is well equipped with its own inbuilt store for fabric and accessories, well trained supervisors latest hi-tech machines we comfort to the necessary quality standards. With theses facilities, the company is able to meet its buyer’s deadlines and requirements.
Having incorporated the latest in international technology, Unitex Knitwear Ltd. is now in position handle total water proofing for garments. Unitex Group is a unique new concept in the manufacturing practice.